Historical background

The TAA was originally established under the name of Japan Aikido Association (USA) in 1990. We formally changed our name to Tomiki Aikido of the Americas in 2009 for two reasons:

First, our organization has affiliated clubs outside of the United States, in other areas of the American continents; and, as part of our goal to grow Tomiki Aikido, we will continue our efforts to teach and expand Tomiki Aikido in North, Central and South America.

Second, we believe that our name will be more consistent with both Tomiki Sensei’s teachings and our own strong belief as Americans in the fundamental importance of international cooperation, equality, transparency and due process. Accordingly, we have decided to adopt a name that more clearly reflects who we are, our principles, and our deep belief in the strength and viability of the concepts, ideas and Aikido that Tomiki Sensei taught to us.