The TAA Announces New Web Presence

TAA News

On February 21, 2020, the new went live.

Our website was launched in 2001 when the TAA was still known as the JAA-USA. Over the years, we have added content and changed the format a few times. For 2020, we decided that we need to shift our focus a little bit.

What Is New on

The new site will still have all the resources you have gotten used to having there: testing forms, dojo locations, policies and procedures. But now it will also feature regularly updated contents from instructors and practitioners throughout the organization. You will be able to get news from around the Tomiki/Shodokan aikido world! We’ll be checking in with our fellow organizations around the world and bringing you the best in resources.

We are focused on becoming the preeminent English-language online resource for Tomiki Aikido.

Erik DiVietro, TAA Director of Media

And Dojo Expert Is Coming Soon!

What about all the frustrations and challenges that came with updating your membership or paying rank registration fees? All of those things will be handled by a designated system called Dojo Expert. 

This is a purpose-built membership system, complete with iOS and Android apps. Dojo Expert has been around since 2011 and is used by dojo and organizations around the world. We are excited to partner with them. You’ll be hearing more about Dojo Expert in coming months as we roll out training for instructors.