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  • 2020 US Nationals
    We are pleased to announce the 2020 TAA USA Nationals will be held at the New College of Florida in Sarasota on July 10-12, 2020. Tiffany Doan Sensei will serve as our host for the workshops and tournament. Details will follow as they are available.
  • Dojo Expert Is Coming
    We are working on getting everyone’s information into the Dojo Expert app – an online software that will help us keep everyone’s membership information up to date. Dojo Expert can be accessed through your web browser or through their mobile app. Below are a couple of images from the Dojo […]

Black Belt Papers

  • Multiple Descriptions of the Same Technique
    When I first started Aikido, I often had issues trying to understand what my instructors were describing, and even more issues trying to accomplish what they were saying.  Pull with your front foot, extend your arm without moving and body drop, do not always mean the same thing to different […]
  • Who I Am
    Identity is a curious thing. We think it was created by ourselves and that we control our identity. Do we really? My experiences with the people I love are what have shaped who I am. It is not limited to Aikido, but some of the people I care about most […]
  • Teaching Young Aikidoka
    Explaining what I have experienced through teaching Aikido must begin and end respectfully with my deepest gratitude to my own Sensei. I teach what I have learned from her. Every happy success I achieve in teaching is my Sensei’s success. As all great wisdom may be imparted with laughter, my […]
  • Blood, Sweat and Tears Go Into Getting a Black Belt
    Aikido has been such a big part of my life and has shaped me to become who I am today. Aikido has helped me through tough times and has created a second family for me. In many ways I could say aikido has saved me. I remember my first day […]
  • The Basics
    Dennis Bandiero, Tomiki Aikido Raleigh SHODAN ESSAY “You can always count on Americans to do the right thing – after they’ve tried everything else.” (Winston Churchill) Aikidoka, and really any martial artist, hear the same lexicon of fundamentals repeatedly in their formative years, whether politely suggested, shouted, or served with […]

History of Tomiki Aikido

  • Professor Tomiki and kenkyuu (research)
    Recently Bob Dziubla Sensei gave me the opportunity to digitize his personal copy of an out of print book Professor Tomiki wrote in 1956. The work is called Judo and Aikido, and it was written as a basic introduction to these two arts from a sport perspective.  From the outset, […]
  • Aikido Is More than a Game
    A budo is a way of life, a way of thinking. Aikido is more than just the competitions and the accomplishments. The game has its place; but aikido can be a tool for helping kids grow into intelligent, balanced, grounded, mature young men and women. This past September, I started […]
  • Bushido and Aikido
    I have been practicing aikido for over 50 years now, and one of the aspects of aikido that I find tremendously attractive and engaging is the philosophical and moral underpinnings, for we practice a morally principled martial art.  The samurai code of conduct known as Bushido and the practices of […]
  • Interview with TAA Chairman Robert Dziubla
    Tomiki News (TN): Tell us about yourself. Where is your family from? What interests do you have outside of aikido? Dziubla Shihan (RD): I was born and raised in Chicago in a blue-collar family.  My father owned a live poultry store where I started working when I was 8 – […]
  • Some Historical Background of the Inclusion of Shiai in Tomiki Aikido
    Prepared by Erik DiVietro for Transfer of Nidan Rank to the TAA In December 1940, Morihei Ueshiba had a vision which was later published by his son and successor, Kisshomaru. The vision expressly forbid the practice of shiai (試合) in aikido on the grounds that aikido’s only function was to […]


  • Explaining Kata Competitions
    By: Alec Niccum Kata competitions in Aikido can be puzzling to casual viewers. Two teams of two perform the exact same moves, in the exact same order. Then, when one duo has (somehow) won, both participants in a team get medals. How do you judge the winner? Why would you […]
  • Just Take the Fall
    Submitted for Shodan Examination, July 2018 As everyone who practices aikido knows, it quite literally has its ups and downs, and ups and downs. In Tomiki Aikido falling is one of the most important skills to develop. When I first started studying Tomiki Aikido I absolutely hated the falling aspect, […]
  • An Introspective Study of Kuzushi no Ri
    On my journey with Aikido over the past few years I have discovered a structural strength that I never imagined could be reached by a 5’2″ woman who’s a hundred pounds soaking wet. I have developed footwork and speed that emphasizes my natural strength. Even my understanding of the nebulous […]
  • Growing Up in the Dojo
    My experience in Aikido began when I was twelve years old in my own basement…due to my dojo being located there! It was a small dojo of seven students, ran by my Sensei, Justin Chang. I was the dojo “baby”, based on my age as well as my belt status. […]
  • Aikido Beyond Randori
    Competition style tanto randori should never be thought of as the pinnacle of aikido. Randori competitions are defining aspects of Tomiki Aikido, but are not the highest goal nor the greatest benchmark of skill. Tanto randori can be viewed as an integration exercise, something that forces the simultaneous application of […]