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Aikido Beyond Randori

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Competition style tanto randori should never be thought of as the pinnacle of aikido. Randori competitions are defining aspects of Tomiki Aikido, but are not the highest goal nor the greatest benchmark of skill. Tanto randori can be viewed as an integration exercise, something that forces the simultaneous application of the principles of shizentai, taisabaki,… Read more »

KI: Multitasking through Mental Imaging

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Some people believe Ki is an actual physical force. Others see Ki as a custom that they have no great belief in, but accept in the dojo due to the weight of history behind it. Some practitioners think of Ki as a simple mental shortcut, but an extremely effective one. That is because the human… Read more »

The Martial Arts as a Time Capsule

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For six months I studied abroad and, without a local Tomiki Style dojo, I joined the Glasgow University Aikido club and studied Aikikai style. Of necessity, I became more adept at spotting the same Aiki principles hidden under a different varnish. That ability soon yielded a strange realization. I found myself noting that my techniques… Read more »

Context In Evaluating Martial Arts

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Everyone loves to talk about ‘practical martial arts’ and ‘real martial arts’ as if watching a video from their living room makes them an expert on the entirety of that style.  What no one mentions is that each combative system is a tool made for a specific job and, just like you wouldn’t pick up… Read more »