Subsidies Available for International Competitions!


To award subsidies to members of Tomiki Aikido of the Americas (TAA) who are members of Team USA sponsored by the TAA and who participate in Worldwide Sport Aikido Federation (WSAF) sponsored international tournaments.


All sponsorships will consist of payment by the TAA for no more than ½ price of a standard coach class airfare, or equivalent, ticket from the recipient’s home airport to an airport near the international tournament venue. Maximum sponsorship amount will not exceed USD $1,000 per individual. The total number of individuals who can be supported, based on the categories list below, will be capped at seven (7) unless the TAA Board approves an exception. Total subsidies paid for directly by the TAA will not exceed $5,000 per international tournament. The amounts specified in this Policy can be modified by the TAA Board of Directors.

All subsidies shall be awarded based on three unique categories of sponsorship per international tournament:

  • Merit Based Sponsorships: No more than 2 individuals who have demonstrated excellence in Tomiki Aikido on a competitive level in a TAA Tournament will be able to receive these sponsorships.
  • Financial Based Sponsorships: No more than 2 individuals who demonstrate a financial need to travel to the International Tournament will be eligible to receive these sponsorships.
  • Shihan Division Recommendation Sponsorship: The Shihan Division and the TAA Chief Technical Director may jointly approve a single (1) sponsorship to an individual of their choice.
  • The Sponsorship Committee may re-allocate sponsorships between the first two categories if there are insufficient applicants in either category.

Eligibility Requirements:

  • All Sponsorship recipients must be TAA members in good standing for a period of at least 1 full year prior to application.
  • Each recipient must have participated in weekly training of Tomiki Aikido throughout the year prior to the WSAF International Tournament.
  • Each recipient must have earned a kyu or dan rank through the TAA.

Event Participation is required:

  • Recipients of a Sponsorship must participate in the specific WSAF International Tournament being attended.
  • In the event that a recipient is unable to participate in the WSAF International Tournament, the recipient shall repay all sponsorship money to the TAA regardless of airline policies on refunds within two (2) weeks after the Tournament in question.

Application Requirements:

  • Applicants must apply using the “Tomiki Aikido of the Americas Application for WSAF International Tournament Sponsorship”.
  • Applicants are required to furnish a letter of recommendation from a TAA certified instructor that the person has been training weekly in Tomiki Aikido.
  • Applicants must submit an estimate of airfare cost from the city of origin to an airport near the international tournament venue.
  • Applications must be received by the deadline set by the TAA board (at least 6 months prior to the event)

Completed applications, including documentation, should be submitted to Ari Reinstein Sensei, reinsteinsensei AT (Substitute the @ symbol for AT.)

TAA Sponsorship Committee:

  • The TAA Board of Directors will appoint a TAA Sponsorship Committee who will review the sponsorship applications and determine who will receive the Merit Based Sponsorships and the Financial Based Sponsorships, based on the stated criteria above. The Sponsorship Committee will present its recommendations to the TAA Board of Directors, which will then determine how to proceed.
  • The Shihan Division and the TAA Technical Director will jointly approve the 1 Shihan Division recommendation as previously stated and so report that selection to the TAA Board of Directors.
  • The Technical Director will be responsible for informing the sponsorship recipients of their selection for a Merit Based Sponsorship, Financial Based Sponsorship, or Shihan Division Recommendation Sponsorship.

Payment of Sponsorships:

  • Payments will be issued as soon as possible, but no later than one month from when the recipient is informed of their selection.
    • To fulfill qualifications for the sponsorship, the recipient must purchase his/her airfare prior to receiving the sponsorship. This is essential so that ½ the cost can accurately be determined.
    • Proof of airfare ticket purchase must be sent to the TAA Treasurer in advance of issuing a sponsorship payment.

After participation in the WSAF International Tournament:

  • Sponsorship recipients are required to submit an article about participation in the WSAF International Tournament to the TAA newsletter for publication in the next issue.
  • Any Sponsorship recipients who fail to participate in the WSAF International Tournament will be required to repay the full amount of the Sponsorship to the TAA within two (2) weeks after the tournament in question. Any recipient who fails to submit an article after the event will be ineligible to receive future funding.