Kyu Testing Forms

Dan Testing Forms

As of May 1, 2018, all candidates for dan rank can download the Dan Rank Promotion Packet (Amended January 1, 2019). This packet contains:

  • Requirements for Examination (shodan-godan)
  • Pre-examination Procedures
  • The Authority and Composition of Examination Panels
  • Technical Requirements for Candidacy
  • Attendance Requirements
  • General Grading Criteria
  • Testing Forms and Rank Registration Fees
  • TAA Dan Rank Confirmation Petitioning Policies

Additionally, the Dan Rank Promotion Packet contains the “Application for Examination/Certificate and Affidavit of Training”, which supersedes the previous “Registration for Dan Grade Promotion.” This form must be completed by the candidate and his/her instructor.

Finally, the packet contains all of the examination forms (shodan-godan), listing techniques and the criteria for grading. The individual forms are also listed in the next session for download.

The Dan Rank Promotion Packet replaces and supersedes previous promotion policies.