Tomiki Aikido of the Americas Virtual Kata Tournament 2021

Frequently Asked Questions

Who may enter the tournament?  Any aikido practitioner of any level residing in North America, Central America, South America, or the Caribbean.

In partnered katas, do both partners need to be members of the TAA?  No, membership is not required but the entry fee is discounted for TAA members.

In partnered katas, do both partners have to register for the tournament?  Yes.

For the solo junanahon kata, how should the (invisible) uke attack?  As with the partnered katas, for kyu ranks the uke attacks with open hand and for dan ranks the uke attacks with tanto.

For the solo junanahon kata, is there an example for how to conduct the kata?  Yes, you may use Satoh Sensei’s video as an example (  However, because this is not a standard Tomiki Aikido kata, some variance from his format is allowed.

For the freestyle kata, what type of techniques are allowed?  Aikido must be at the heart of the kata.  Participants will be judged by the Three Principles and Six Concepts as stated by Shihan Kenji Tomiki ( 

For the weapons kata, which weapons are allowed?  Bokken (sword), wakizashi (short sword), tanto (knife), and jo (50-inch stick, which represents a spear).  See this video for more information:

Is there an example video of how to film these katas?  Yes!  See:!AnaRvlhEfLXZgZ15TVkM4FPMcIoVVw.  This video shows the participants wearing proper attire, bowing in and out at the beginning and end, and demonstrating aikido techniques that display the Three and the Six.  It is shot from an angle where the head and feet may be clearly seen.  The video is unedited without music.  Please follow this general example, but your video demonstration must be completed within the two-minute timeframe.  All katas for the virtual tournament must be completed in under 2 minutes.

Who will judge the submissions?  A panel that is made up of members of the Board of Directors of Tomiki Aikido of the Americas will judge all katas using Olympic-style scoring.

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