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Our curriculum is based on the methods of Kenji Tomiki Shihan, the first recipient of the rank of 8th Dan from Aikido’s founder.

The TAA hosts and participates in events throughout the US and the world. This is our up-to-date calendar.

Board of Directors

Jeff Davidson, 5th Dan
Board President

Piqua Tomiki Aikido Club

Greg Linden, 5th Dan

Mesa College Tomiki Aikido Club

William Ball, 5th Dan
Technical Director

Maryland Tomiki Aikido Center

Ari Reinstein, 5th Dan
WSAF Representative

New Jersey Shodokan Aikido

Andrew MacNeill, 2nd Dan

Mesa College Tomiki Aikido Club

Raymond Crowel, 1st Dan
Membership Director

Maryland Tomiki Aikido Center

Dennis Bandiero, 1st Dan
Communication Director

Tomiki Aikido of Raleigh

The Shihan Division

Shihan (師範) is a Japanese title for senior instructors. The TAA currently has three shihan who have distinguished themselves through decades of training and teaching.

Robert Dziubla

8th Dan,
President Emeritus

Moe Stevens

7th Dan

Robert King

7th Dan

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contact information

1124 E Pacific Coast Hwy #1120
Long Beach, CA 90806-5102