Below is the current slate of regional, national, and international events that the TAA is involved in. Most are sponsored by local dojo but feature TAA instructors.

December 3, 2022, The Modokan
One day seminar covering kata and randori.
January 14-15, 2023, Embu and Randori Training Camp, Referee Training and Practice
Bob Dziubla will be hosting a 2-day training camp for embu, randori, …
February 18-19, 2023, Raleigh
Two day training seminar with Randori and Embu focus.
April 1-2, 2023, Embu Workshop
A two-day event focusing solely on embu (kata performance) on a world …
May 5-6, 2023 The Modokan
Two days of diverse training
July 14-17, 2023, WSAF World Championships
The TAA is pleased to announce the resumption of the WSAF world …
Results from the US Nationals in Las Vegas
First of all, a hearty thank you to the many people who …
November 12-13, 2022, Baltimore
Two day seminar training for randori and embu (kata performance), a great …