Hosting Dojo

Raleigh Tomiki Aikido


Training Event
Triangle Kung-Fu Arnis Academy,
3601 Ste 117 Capital Blvd, Raleigh, NC

Quayle Hollow Swim and Tennis
800 Orleans Place, Raleigh NC


$50 per participant. Lunches not included. Welcome Dinner on Saturday is included for TAA members. (Non-TAA members can attend for an additional charge.)


Justin Chang, Raleigh Tomiki Aikido, NC
Jeff Davidson, Piqua Aikido, OH
Erik DiVietro, Chūshin Aikido, Merrimack NH
Jamie Nottingham, Ronin Aikido, NY
Joshua Ramey, Mansfield Tomiki Aikido, OH

Register Ahead

Please note that your email and phone number are required. This is so the Raleigh host team can keep you up-to-date via email. We will not share your contact information beyond the event. They also ask that you email them with your travel plans if you need assistance with rides or lodging so they can coordinate efforts and make this a great event for everyone.

Tentative Schedule [Subject to Change]

The focus of this event is training for national and international competition. On Saturday, the focus is randori. On Sunday, the focus is embu. We are also offering two short workshops on other content that relates to both randori and embu.

SATURDAY8:00-8:30Registration, Waivers, WarmupsRaleigh Dojo Team
8:30-12:00Randori Training Session 1Josh Ramey, Bob King
12:00-1:00LunchA la carte
1:00-2:00Black Belt Testing
2:00-3:00Applications of Tomiki AikidoJamie Nottingham
3:00-5:00Randori Training Session 2Josh Ramey, Bob King
Time TBAWelcome Dinner (different venue)Raleigh Dojo Team
SUNDAY8:00-8:30Arrival Raleigh Dojo Team
8:30-12:00Embu Training Session 1Jeff Davidson
12:00-1:00LunchA la carte
1:00-3:00Koryu Dai San Yari DoriErik DiVietro



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