Chushin Aikido, 67 Bedford Rd, Merrimack, NH
Host: Erik DiVietro


$50 per mat participant, limited to 20 mat participants.

The senior instructor fee of $20 is to defray the cost of food.


Ari Reinstein, 4th Dan (TAA/SAF)
Erik DiVietro, 3rd Dan (TAA/TSAA-USA)

We had originally planned to host Keith McClean and Pamela Dempsey from Dublin Tomiki Aikido. Due to costs, we opted instead to invite them to teach at the 2024 USA Nationals. More information to follow soon.

After the training on Saturday, we will be having a dinner hosted by the Manchester Budo Club and Chūshin Aikido, in remembrance of Ben Duggar Sensei, the first teacher of Tomiki Aikido in New Hampshire. Duggar Sensei passed away from ALS on April 1, 2013. All net proceeds of this event will go toward a scholarship for a competitor participating in one of the two international tournaments this year.

Due to the size of our venue, we are limiting mat participation to 20 people. If there is interest, we will host a second day (April 2, 12-4pm) for workshopping embu performance – either for competition or testing.

Due to a SPAM attack, we have had to remove the registration form.

Tentative Schedule

Saturday, April 1
9:00-9:30amWelcome, Registration
9:30-10:00amBow-in, WarmupErik DiVietro
10:00-11:00amRandori no Kata – Atemi Waza, Hiji WazaErik DiVietro
11:00-12:00pmRandori no Kata – Tekubi Waza, Uki WazaAri Reinstein
1:00-2:00pmKuzushi WazaErik DiVietro
2:00-3:00pmKoryu Dai San – Suwari WazaAri Reinstein
3:00-4:00pmKoryu Dai San – Tachi WazaAri Reinstein
4:00-5:00pmKoryu Dai San – Tanto DoriAri Reinstein
6:00-9:00pmDinner Craig Joyce



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