Tomiki Aikido of the Americas has established policies, requirements, and a curriculum for Dan and Kyu rank promotions.

The 3 Principles and 6 Concepts

Foundational to Tomiki Sensei’s teaching method and our development of aikido are The Three Principles and Six Concepts. These are core knowledge that every practitioner must learn.

Policies and Procedures

These documents provide the list of requirements for Dan rank promotions and promotion/registration of new clubs and events by Tomiki Aikido of the Americas.

Event Policy and Procedures

Code of Conduct and Safety Procedures

The TAA is committed to providing a safe environment for all children, youth, individuals with special needs, instructors and volunteers who participate in TAA-approved activities.

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Kyu Rank Curriculum

Listed here are the lists of requirements for advancement to both Kyu and Dan grade ranks in the Tomiki Aikido system.

Youth Curriculum (updated January 24, 2016)

(The youth curriculum utilizes stripes on colored belt as intermediate stages between the colored belts.)

Kyu Exam Requirements (updated May 1, 2017)

TAA Members may view video resources for learning this curriculum.

Kyu Testing Forms

The Kyu Rank Testing forms (PDF format) can be downloaded and printed for use during exams.

5th Kyu (yellow belt)

4th Kyu (orange belt)

3rd Kyu (green belt)

2nd Kyu (blue belt)

1st Kyu (brown belt)

Dan Rank Curriculum

As of May 1, 2018, all candidates for dan rank can download the Dan Rank Promotion Packet (Amended January 1, 2019). This packet contains:

  • Requirements for Examination (shodan-godan)
  • Pre-examination Procedures
  • The Authority and Composition of Examination Panels
  • Technical Requirements for Candidacy
  • Attendance Requirements
  • General Grading Criteria
  • Testing Forms and Rank Registration Fees
  • TAA Dan Rank Confirmation Petitioning Policies

Additionally, the Dan Rank Promotion Packet contains the “Application for Examination/Certificate and Affidavit of Training”, which supersedes the previous “Registration for Dan Grade Promotion.” This form must be completed by the candidate and his/her instructor.

Finally, the packet contains all of the examination forms (shodan-godan), listing techniques and the criteria for grading. The individual forms are also listed in the next session for download.

The Dan Rank Promotion Packet replaces and supersedes previous promotion policies.

Dan Testing Forms

These Dan Rank Testing forms can be downloaded and printed for use during exams. The forms are in a PDF format.

1st Dan (Shodan)

2nd Dan (Nidan)

3rd Dan (Sandan)

4th Dan (Yondan)

5th Dan (Godan)