First of all, a hearty thank you to the many people who helped organize and run this year’s tournament. Because of the global pandemic, this was the first large-scale event we have had since the 2019 WSAF tournament. Thanks to all the organizers, instructors, and participants, this was a great event.

Final Standings

Randori no Kata (Kyu)

GOLD: Ted & Curtis Roberts

SILVER: Mansur Abdul-Malik & Robert Brandon

BRONZE: David Sun & Evan Williamson

Randori no Kata (Dan)

GOLD: Warren Pottebaum & Garth Wallace

SILVER: John Withers & Curtis Roberts

BRONZE: Chris Benge & Joshua Ramey

Koryu Dai San (All Grades)

GOLD: Warren Pottebaum & Garth Wallace

SILVER: Gabriel Adalem & Ian King

BRONZE: Chioko MacNiell & Andrew MacNeill

Women’s Randori
GOLD: Jeannine Stroud

SILVER: Willow Chan

BRONZE: Cary Benge

Men’s Randori
GOLD: Josh Ramey

SILVER: James Nottingham

BRONZE: Curtis Roberts

Team Randori
GOLD: David Sun, Joshua Ramey, Ian King

SILVER: James Nottingham, Andrew MacNeill. Evan Williamson, Andrew Reed

BRONZE: Mansur Abdul-Malik, Will Ball, Curtis Roberts, Robert Brandon



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