Movement from Mechanical to Flowing Aikido Chris BengeJune 27, 2024 In my first paper, consistent, focused […]
Breadcrumbs Dennis Bandiero  As the pandemic began to fade, my home dojo, Tomiki Aikido of Raleigh, […]
The Future of Machine Learning and Tomiki Aikido Gabriel Adalem  The first goal of this essay […]
Gedan-ate: A Universal Technique Eric BurlingameSandan EssayJune 2024  Gedan-ate (translating to “Low Attack”) was added to […]
Over the weekend of February 17-18, Mesa College Tomiki Aikido and Tomiki Aikido of Raleigh hosted […]
Hosting Dojo Tenrikyo Mission Hawai’i Location Tenrikyo Mission Hawai’i2236 Nuuanu Ave., Honolulu, HI 96817Judo Dojo Cost […]
By Kenji Tomiki Translation Copyright 1986 by Robert W. Dziubla & Fumiaki Shishida Table of ContentsPrefaceChapter […]